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The zebrafish Danio rerio is a freshwater fish belonging to the minnow family Cyprinidae of the order Cypriniformes. The zebrafish is also an important and widely used vertebrate model organism in scientific research, for example in drug developmentin particular pre-clinical development. The zebrafish is a derived member of the genus Brachydanioof the family Cyprinidae. It has a sister-group relationship with Danio aesculapii. Its range further south is more local, with scattered records from the Western and Eastern Ghats regions.

Zebrafish have been introduced to CaliforniaConnecticutadult zebra, Florida and New Mexico in the United States, presumably by deliberate release by aquarists or by escape from fish farms, adult zebra.

The New Mexico population had been extirpated by and it is unclear if the others survive, as the last published records were decades ago. Zebrafish typically inhabit moderately flowing to stagnant clear water of quite shallow depth in streams, canals, ditches, oxbow lakesponds and rice paddies, adult zebra. In surveys of zebrafish locations throughout much of its Bangladeshi and Indian distribution, the water had a near-neutral to somewhat basic pH and mostly ranged from The zebrafish is named for the five uniform, pigmented, horizontal, blue stripes on the side of the body, adult zebra, which are reminiscent of a zebra 's stripes, and which extend to the end of the caudal fin, adult zebra.

Its shape is fusiform and laterally compressed, with its mouth directed upwards. The male is torpedo -shaped, adult zebra, with gold stripes between the blue stripes; the female has a larger, whitish belly and silver stripes instead of gold.

Adult females exhibit a small genital papilla in front of the anal fin origin. Ina study was published about zebrafishes' capacity for adult zebra memory. The individuals showed a capacity to remember context with respect to objects, adult zebra, locations and occasions what, when, where.

Episodic memory is a capacity of explicit memory systems, typically associated with conscious experience, adult zebra. The approximate generation time for Danio rerio is three months. A male must be present for ovulation and spawning to occur. Females are able to spawn at intervals of two to three days, laying hundreds of eggs in each clutch. Upon adult zebra, embryonic development begins; absent sperm, growth stops after the first few cell divisions.

Fertilized eggs almost immediately become transparent, a characteristic that makes D. The zebrafish embryo develops rapidly, with precursors to all major organs appearing within 36 hours of fertilization.

The embryo begins as a yolk with a single enormous cell on top see image, 0 h panelwhich divides into two 0. The cells then migrate adult zebra the sides of the yolk 8 h adult zebra and begin forming a head and tail 16 h panel. The tail then grows and separates from the body 24 h panel, adult zebra. The yolk shrinks over time because the fish uses it for food as it matures during the first few days 72 h panel.

After a few months, adult zebra, the adult fish reaches reproductive maturity bottom adult zebra. To encourage the fish to spawn, some researchers use adult zebra fish tank with a sliding bottom insert, which reduces the depth of the pool to simulate the shore of a river.

Zebrafish spawn best in the morning due to their Circadian rhythms. Researchers have been able to collect 10, embryos in 10 minutes using this adult zebra. What attracts females is not currently understood.

The presence of plants, even plastic plants, also apparently encourages spawning. Exposure to environmentally relevant concentrations of diisononyl phthalate DINPcommonly used in a large variety of plastic items, adult zebra, disrupt the endocannabinoid system and thereby affect reproduction in a gender specific manner.

Zebrafish are omnivorousprimarily eating zooplanktonphytoplanktonadult zebra, insects and insect larvaealthough they can eat a variety of other foods, such as worms and small crustaceansif their preferred food sources are not readily available.

In research, adult zebrafish are often fed with brine shrimpor paramecia. Zebrafish are hardy fish and considered good for beginner aquarists. Their enduring popularity can be attributed to their playful disposition, [29] as adult zebra as their rapid breeding, aesthetics, cheap price and broad availability. They also do well in schools or shoals of six or more, and interact well with other fish species in the aquarium, adult zebra.

However, they are susceptible to Oodinium or velvet disease, microsporidia Pseudoloma neurophiliaand Mycobacterium species. Given the opportunity, adults eat hatchlings, which may be protected by separating the two groups with a net, breeding box or separate tank.

In captivity, zebrafish live adult zebra forty-two months. Some captive zebrafish can develop a curved spine. The zebra danio was also used to make genetically modified fish and were the first species to be sold as GloFish fluorescent colored fish.

In latetransgenic zebrafish that express greenred, and yellow fluorescent proteins became commercially available in the United States. The fluorescent strains are tradenamed GloFish ; other cultivated varieties include "golden", "sandy", adult zebra, "longfin" and "leopard", adult zebra. The leopard danio, previously known as Danio frankeiis a spotted colour morph of the zebrafish which arose due to a pigment mutation.

Hybrids between different Danio species may be fertile: for example, between D. Its use as a laboratory animal was pioneered by the American molecular biologist George Streisinger and his colleagues at the University of Oregon in the s and s; Streisinger's zebrafish clones were among the earliest successful vertebrate clones created.

The Zebrafish International Resource Center ZIRC is a genetic resource repository with 29, alleles available for distribution adult zebra the research community. Research with D. As adult zebra model biological system, the zebrafish possesses numerous advantages for scientists. Its genome has been fully sequencedand it has well-understood, easily observable and testable developmental behaviors. Its embryonic development is very rapid, and its embryos are relatively large, robust, and transparent, and able to develop outside their adult zebra. Other advantages include the species' nearly constant size during early development, which enables simple staining techniques to be used, and the fact that its two-celled embryo can be fused into a single cell to create a homozygous embryo.

The zebrafish is also demonstrably similar to mammalian adult zebra and humans in toxicity testing, and exhibits a diurnal adult zebra cycle with similarities to mammalian sleep behavior. It is also used in modelling and theoretical studies because of its relatively simple geometry, such as a study about the role of VEGFC in lymphangiogenesis, adult zebra. Zebrafish have the ability to regenerate their heart and lateral line hair cells during their larval stages.

Zebrafish have also been found to regenerate photoreceptor cells and retinal neurons following injury, which has been shown to be mediated by the dedifferentiation and proliferation of Müller glia. It has been found that histone demethylation occurs at the site of the amputation, switching the zebrafish's cells to an "active", adult zebra, regenerative, stem cell-like state.

In probing disorders of the nervous system, including neurodegenerative diseases, movement disorders, psychiatric disorders and deafness, researchers are using the zebrafish to understand how the genetic defects underlying these conditions cause functional abnormalities in the human brain, spinal cord and adult zebra organs.

Researchers adult zebra also studied the zebrafish to gain new insights into the complexities of human musculoskeletal diseases, such as muscular dystrophy. Due to their fast and short life cycles and relatively large clutch sizes, D, adult zebra. A common reverse genetics technique is to adult zebra gene expression or modify splicing using Morpholino antisense technology.

MO can be injected into one cell of an embryo after the cell stage, reducing gene expression in only cells descended from that cell. However, cells in the early adult zebra less than 32 cells are interpermeable to large molecules, adult zebra, [57] [58] allowing diffusion between cells. Guidelines for using Morpholinos in zebrafish describe appropriate control strategies. The morpholino is able to integrate into most cells of the embryo, adult zebra. A known problem with gene knockdowns is that, because the genome underwent a adult zebra after the divergence of ray-finned fishes and lobe-finned fishesit is not always easy to silence the activity one of the two gene paralogs reliably due to complementation by the other paralog.

The zebrafish reference genome sequence is annotated as part of the Ensembl projectand is maintained by the Genome Reference Consortium. Inresearchers at the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology in DelhiIndia, announced the sequencing of the genome of a wild zebrafish strain, containing an estimated 1. Comparative analysis with the zebrafish reference genome revealed over 5 million adult zebra nucleotide variations and over 1. The zebrafish reference genome sequence of adult zebra. In Octoberresearchers from the University of Oklahoma published D.

This is within base pairs adult zebra other related species of fish, adult zebra, and it is notably only 18 pairs longer than the goldfish Carassius auratus and 21 longer than the carp Cyprinus carpio. Its gene order and content are identical to the common vertebrate form of mitochondrial DNA. It contains 13 protein -coding genes and a noncoding control region containing the origin of replication for the heavy strand.

In between a grouping of five tRNA genes, a sequence resembling adult zebra origin of light strand replication is found. It is difficult to draw evolutionary conclusions because it is difficult to determine whether base pair changes have adaptive significance via comparisons with other vertebrates' nucleotide sequences, adult zebra. Inthe nacre mutation was identified adult zebra the zebrafish ortholog of the mammalian MITF transcription factor. In Decembera study of the adult zebra strain identified the gene responsible for its unusual pigmentation as SLC24A5a solute carrier that appeared to be required for melanin production, and confirmed adult zebra function with a Morpholino knockdown.

The orthologous gene adult zebra then characterized in humans and a one base pair difference was found to strongly segregate fair-skinned Europeans and dark-skinned Africans. These fish are characterized by uniformly pigmented eyes and translucent skin. Transgenesis is a popular approach to study the function of genes in zebrafish. Construction of transgenic zebrafish is rather easy by a method using the Tol2 transposon system. Inresearchers at Boston Children's Hospital developed a new strain of adult zebra, named Casper, whose adult bodies had transparent skin.

Adult zebra many gene functions are shared between fish and humans, the Casper strain is expected to yield insights into human diseases such as leukemia and other cancers. In JanuaryChinese researchers at Fudan University genetically modified zebrafish to detect oestrogen adult zebra in lakes and rivers, which is linked to male infertility.

The researchers cloned oestrogen-sensitive genes and injected them into the fertile eggs of zebrafish. The modified fish turned green if placed into water that was polluted by oestrogen. On the 3'ss 3' splicing sitethe base pairs adenine and cytosine alternate and repeat, and on the 5'ss 5' splicing sitetheir complements thymine and guanine alternate and repeat as well. Adult zebra found that there was less reliance on Adult zebra protein than in humans, in which the protein is required for the splicing process to occur.

The pattern of repeating base pairs around introns that alters Adult zebra secondary structure was found in other teleostsadult zebra, but not in tetrapods. This indicates that an evolutionary change in tetrapods may have led to humans relying on the U2AF2 protein for RNA splicing while these genes in zebrafish undergo splicing regardless of the presence of the protein.

When close relatives mate, progeny may exhibit the detrimental effects of inbreeding depression. Inbreeding depression is predominantly caused by the homozygous expression of recessive deleterious alleles. Exposure of zebra fish to environmental stress induced by the chemical clotrimazole, an imidazole fungicide used in agriculture and in veterinary and human medicine, amplified the effects of inbreeding on key reproductive traits.

The zebrafish and zebrafish larva is a suitable adult zebra organism for drug discovery and development. Drug screens in zebrafish can be used to identify novel classes of compounds with biological effects, or to repurpose existing drugs for novel uses; an example of the latter would be a screen which found that a commonly used statin rosuvastatin can suppress the growth of prostate cancer [79] To date, 65 small-molecule screens have been carried out and at least one has led to clinical trials, adult zebra.

To understand drug effects, adult zebra, the internal adult zebra exposure is essential, as this drives the pharmacological effect.


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